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Travels Tips in Mussorie

Behave responsibly and respectfully with the local community. If you travel and at the same time become responsible, it will only make your holidays more meaningful and fun. Try to remove your carbon footprints wherever you go. Given below are a few essential travel tips for visitors to Mussoorie.

- Remember to carry some woollens during your trip, because weather can get snappy at any time in Mussoorie.

- While you are on a trekking expedition in the Himalayas, do not tread alone far from the campsite. If you are new to the trekking routes, do take a guide with you before you start for the trip.

- It is always advisable not to park your vehicles on the Mall Road in Mussoorie.

- Do not leave behind burning cigarettes when you leave a place. Also carry away the litter to have a positive impact on the environment.

- Languages mostly spoken in Mussoorie include Garhwali and Hindi. Very little English is spoken in the hill town locally. Learn a few Hindi words to greet and thank people and to briefly introduce yourself to them. It would be interesting to learn a few Garhwali words as well.

- While you are packing, leave excess packaging behind. Because, in remote hilly areas it would be really difficult to dispose waster.

- Remove your shoes and cover your head with a piece of cloth while you enter the premises of a Hindu shrine or any other holy place.

- Do not purchase items made from the body parts of endangered or rare animal species.

- Do try to read up a bit on local culture. Respect the local culture and traditions of the place. And travel with respect.

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